The Goonies II

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Authentic NES Cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Grading Scale

A: Pristine looking cartridge.  No noticeable blemishes or marks.

B: Minor marks or blemishes.  Some may be able to be cleaned with minimal effort.

C: A moderate amount of markings with several medium sized marks or blemishes to the cartridge.  Some marks may not be able to be removed or cleaned.

D: A large amount of markings or defects to the cartridge.  This may include dents, bites, or any deformities in the outer cartridge.  This could also include missing pieces of the game label.

F: The same as D except with an all or mostly missing game label.

Most games will need to have the contacts cleaned at the bottom of the cartridge.  As a cartridge sits it will collect small dust particles on the golden contacts at the bottom of the cartridge which will need to be cleaned.  Typically a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol will clean the contacts well enough for the cartridge to play normally.