Bandit Kings of Ancient China

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Authentic NES Cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Grading Scale

Pristine: A pristine looking cartridge with few to no noticeable defects.

Good: An average looking cartridge with some blemishes, stains or wear. This could include: Staining (minor), Writing (minor), Label Peel (minor) or Stickers (from previous rental or retail stores). This is what most cartridges will look like.

Acceptable: A cartridge with multiple blemishes and marks that may have bad eye-appeal but will still play just fine.  This could include: Staining (major), Writing (major), Label Peel (major or entire label missing) or Stickers (major). 


Most games will need to have the contacts cleaned at the bottom of the cartridge.  As a cartridge sits it will collect small dust particles on the golden contacts at the bottom of the cartridge which will need to be cleaned.  Typically a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol will clean the contacts well enough for the cartridge to play normally.